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About India Church of Christ Mission

The India Church of Christ Mission (ICCM) is a ministry begun in 1995 by Thomas Abraham of Kerala State, southern India. At its heart, the focus of ICCM is on:

  1. Reaching the lost with the Good News of Jesus Christ
  2. Planting new churches where no evangelical church exists
  3. Ministering to the needs of people regardless of cast, creed or religious affiliation

ICCM's building and campus (left) and Thomas Abraham at the microphone (right).

The ICCM ministry serves as an umbrella for numerous ministries large and small. India Christian Theological College and Bethesda Christian Home are two significant works God has raised up in a few short years under Thomas Abraham's leadership. The pages which follow attempt to share some of the ICCM ministry that springs from a God-given vision and a passionate heart which beats for the people of his nation.

If you would like to find out more, look over the pages of this web site (just "click" on the links at the left of this page). To discuss the ICCM ministry first hand please contact us. We'll be in touch. A 12-minute video is also available at your request.